Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

EFP is a form of therapy which involves being outside and interacting with horses.  No previous experience of horses is necessary and there is no riding.   EFP is helpful for people who find room-based talking therapies difficult to engage with or feel they would like a different approach to work through the challenges they are experiencing.  EFP can help with: anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement, loss, relationship issues, self-esteem, personal growth, addiction and trauma.  


Horses, like humans, are social beings and their survival depends on being part of a herd.  In order to survive and thrive horses have an innate ability to read each other's body language  to communicate and negotiate living together as a stable herd.  This means horses are also excellent at reading people's non-verbal communications - body language,  intentions and energy, which affects how they respond to us.  Therefore,  observing horses and interacting with them during EFP sessions offers a dynamic and tangible opportunity to gain self-awareness and understanding about ourselves and our relationships.  Furthermore, horses are able to offer a calm and grounding presence which helps us to feel emotionally regulated.  These experiences with the horses can be talked through and processed during your sessions and integrated into your everyday life and relationships.


The first session is 90 minutes so there is time for me to take down some details about you and for us to talk about what you want from the sessions, before going outside with the horses.  This first session gives us an opportunity to meet and for you to experience an EFP session.  There is no obligation to have more sessions if you feel EFP with me is not right for you.  


After the first session I offer 60 minute and 90 minute sessions; some people find 60 minutes is enough, particularly young people, while others find 90 minutes more helpful.  Sessions are most effective if they are once a week but if this is difficult for you then please let me know.  The number of sessions people have varies and I work flexibly to meet the needs of each individual, which is something we can talk about when we first meet.